Interdisciplinary Community Training Program

Expand current interdisciplinary? community training program for medical, behavioral health and law enforcement personnel to include transportation, evacuation, contracted personnel, EOC, local radio stations, military and state disaster response components and other needed entities in a mock training scenario (to include Baker Act training for key personnel) 00

Training on Emergency or strategic operation planning

?Provide free educational conferences or workshops to educate non-profit and private for profit business leaders on how to develop effective strategic plans, emergency operation plans that include business continuity plans, and clear steps for seeking assistance from SBA and FEMA

FSU Education Engineering and Technology

?FSU-PC is proposing a plan to expand opportunities available to students in advanced technical training and enhance highter education options through a updated engineering, science, technology and advanced workforce focused, diverse curricula that meets the current and future needs for high paying , technical jobs in a competitive market in the area.