Snorkel Reef in St. Andrews State Park

Create an onshore snorkel sculpture reef in the St Andrews Pass north of the Kiddie Pool that provides recreational and educational opportunities for residents and visitors, as well as near shore habitat for marine life. An onshore snorkel reef would be a first for the Panhandle and a popular destination for beginner divers/snorkelers and adventurous …

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Grand Lagoon Community Park/Event Venue

Create a community park and HUB type venue at Pete Edwards Field. Rebuild skate park to accommodate recreational/competitive use and redesign Pete Edwards Field to better serve as a multipurpose recreational venue for public use. Developing a multi-faceted community HUB in the Grand Lagoon will improve the quality of life by offering a heathy outdoor …

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Bury utilities, add separate bike/pedestrian path (30A style) and install adequate lighting on the full length of Thomas Drive (Hwy. 98 to Joan Ave). Use funds currently earmarked for Thomas Drive culvert project to leverage grant/recovery funding and coordinate with Sewer Expansion project for efficiency and to leverage additional funding. As the primary road of …

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