Electric Car Charging Stations for Multi-Family Housing and Gas Stations

Require new multi-family housing developments (apartments and townhomes without garages) and gas stations to add electric car charging stations. With the price of electric cars going down, the number of electric cars will continue to increase. Many apartments and townhome communities do not have access to car charging stations or the ability as a renter or homeowner to install one. For developments that have common spaces, and a large concentration of residents, the need for car charging stations will continue to increase. If not mandatory, maybe this project could be attached to some type of incentive.

Business Signage

Proibit businesses from using vehicles as their Permanent Business Sign. Many businesses throughout the county park broken down vehicles near the road to advertise their businesses. Most of these vehicle signs are not maintained and become dilapidated very quickly. In order to build a better looking Bay Counyt, a low hanging fruit project would be to prohibit this type of signage.

Public Green Space

Create low maintenance green spaces on public property. This can be done on right of ways, existing parks, parking lots, bridges, along sidewalks, street corners, walls and other public property, using trees, bushes, vines, flowers, etc.

Healthy Bay

Improve stormwater run off so to lessen the amount of stormwater that runs directly into the bay. Intiiate programs that help create a cleaner bay through prevention, monitoring and maintenance.

Removal of active sewer lines along the bay shore.

There is a stretch of sewer lines with manholes that runs along the bay shore west of Michigan and south of 16th Street. Sewage should be rerouted away from the Bay’s edge. Untreated dewage has discharged from the manhole on numerous occassions, including over several days after Hurricane Michael.

FEMA GIS Mapping

Post flooding events, using damage assessments and geospatial analysis, identify areas that have been repeatedly flooded or are significantly impacted by recent floods . Evaluate them for designation as “adaption action areas” or for implementation of appropriate sea level rise adaption strategies to ensure long-term mitigation.