After the storm, North-South was our biggest challenge in town. East-West I believe is being addressed through the fly-overs. While there was an east-west challenge, it was due to literally everyone relocating to the beach and commuting back and forth. Outside of commute times, we could traverse east-west. North-south stayed a challenge at all times. 77 and 231 were over capacity. 231 will help with 77 and Star ave flyovers, but we need north-south relief from Highway 388 south to 98 on Hwy 77. I don’t have a good solution because of the limited right of way and complexity with business setbacks – but they’re doing 390.

We could’ve gained about a day of productivity by eliminating the traffic. Traffic flow is an issue.  It was not good before the storm and is even worse now.  There is no efficient way to get to the interstate if you are headed west.