Deerpoint Lake should be made where it could be “drawn down” so as to kill/destroy the noxious/invasive plant life that now exist. A “drawn down” of at least 4 feet would benefit the entire area. The existing noxious plants (e.g., Lilly pads, lemon bacopa, hydrilla, milfoil, and others) are harmful to the lake and diminish the recreational potential of the area.

Cleanup of the lake must include removal of trees, and debris, produced by Hurricane Michael. Many of the channels, sloughs, bayous and tributaries are now blocked and clogged up with the debris resulting from Hurricane Michael. Large areas of the lake which were accessible, prior to the storm, are now blocked and inaccessible.

With Deerpoint Lake being the potable water reservoir for the area, it is imperative we increase the storage capacity of the lake for future use and availability. By cleaning/clearing the area of debris this allows additional storage of water. It also has an additional benefit. The recreational use of the lake is enhanced by the cleanup. The wildlife will also benefit from the cleanup and restoration of the lake area.

There always is a tremendous effort into restoring the beaches after a storm. There should be no less effort in restoring the Deerpoint Lake area as it was prior to the storm. We should make this resource better than before now that we have the opportunity.