task force

Continuation of East Bay Parkway to Wildwood Road.

Creation of an additional east-west roadway servicing Bay County and Panama City Beach from Hathaway Bridge to SR 79.
Presently, this area is served by one main travel corridor, US 98. After the storm major congestion resulted and impacted evacuation, access to emergency vehicles, 1st responders, etc. Another route will be instrumental in recovery process.

Improvements for School Bus Routes

Paving, lighting and bus stop shelters.
These improvements will reduce risks concerning school bus program safety and security, weather sensitivity, bus schedule delays, tripping and falling injuries, and bus damage due to recurring road washouts and potholes.

CRA Storm Water Improvements and Storm Hardening-Segment 4.1 and Segment 4.2.

Provide storm water treatment and attenuation in road rights of way located in the Segment 4.1 and 4.2 CRA District. Storm hardening measures with undergrounding all overhead utilities in Segment 4.1and 4.2 CRA District.
This project will reduce pollution to the Gulf of Mexico, minimize flooding to the transportation grid and adjacent property, and protect power and communication during sever weather events from falling trees, extreme winds, and airborne objects.

Restoration of County’s stormwater channels

Existing County’s stormwater channels have been impacted by hurricane Michael and require restoration to include stabilization of eroded/regraded slopes. The majority of the stormwater channels connect to St Andrews Bay system. Stabilization of side slopes is critical for water quality of our watersheds.

Trolley System

The trolley system needs to be upgraded to more of a bus line system. More trolleys/buses, pickup/drop off spots, and it needs a better schedule to be more effective for people.