Jeremy Tidwell

Traffic concerns throughout the county

After the storm, North-South was our biggest challenge in town. East-West I believe is being addressed through the fly-overs. While there was an east-west challenge, it was due to literally everyone relocating to the beach and commuting back and forth. Outside of commute times, we could traverse east-west. North-south stayed a challenge at all times. …

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Get information out to debris removal companies and to the public, to tarp their loads of debris before travel.  This will help ensure the roadways and vehicles on the roadway, remain safe and help keep debris out of the roadway. +10

Smart City/Connected Intersections

The procurement and installation of hardware at traffic signals around Bay County to prepare for vehicle to infrastructure communications.  This will include connected vehicles, emergency traffic signal preemption, and any other safety or efficiency improvements.  These projects will enhance the safety and efficiency of the movement of the traveling public around Bay County.  +50