We are working hard to identify ideas that will help to Rebuild, Sustain and Grow our community.  As we gather these solutions, they will be posted here for you to review and thumbs up/thumbs down.

Deerpoint Lake Cleanup

Deerpoint Lake should be made where it could be “drawn down” so as to kill/destroy the noxious/invasive plant life that now exist. A “drawn down” of at least 4 feet would benefit the entire area. The existing noxious plants (e.g., Lilly pads, lemon bacopa, hydrilla, milfoil, and others) are harmful

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Event Field in Downtown Area

I propose there be an event field with a nice stage for people who would like to have an event Downtown. We need it to be easier to bring events downtown, that are not related to Bay Arts, DIB, or Destination Panama City. I believe that Panama City, particularly the

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Shipping Container Housing

Shipping container housing would be a great, quick, and affordable housing solution to a HUGE problem in our area. The options are limitless and can be made on all ends of the affordability scale. This is already being done all throughout international areas and is picking up momentum in the

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Disaster Subsidized Childcare for Families and Facility Operators

A critical shortage of labor, both skilled and unskilled, currently exists across much of Bay County. Employers across all industries are experiencing difficulty in staffing operations in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. Childcare and after school care facilities are in short supply as many have closed or scaled back operations

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Property Buyback

Purchase and demolish properties in the floodplain. This will increase greenspace and reduce recovery costs from damaged structures.

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Affordable Housing Development Lending Fund

The majority of affordable housing projects never start because an organization whose focus is affordable housing development often do not have early funding to finance land purchase and/or soft costs. Subsiding just some of the potential lost could get financial institutions and/or national non-profits to invest in a fund which

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